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Fall of Man - Part 5
and so
I strive forward in the clouds of vehemence
in a dynamic balance
of optimism and pessimism
crippled by a nightmare that once
reigned over me
don't cow nor shrink back
just accept it
humans are hopeless as a species
once we reach
the realization of the Fall of Man
there is renewed hope
for the survival of the planet
as a life form
and I know
we've reached the point of no return
apparently forgetting
how to stay alive in this system of life
and so
I walk ahead
in a balanced consciousness
knowing that
all life
deserves respect
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Fall of Man - Part 4
one second of frailty
by the waterfalls of hopelessness
sun shines upon the eyes of a thousand man
while life ripples down the river
of inevitability
now love has introduced itself
to the harshness of our so important existence
conveyed in a context
of mass exinction and sadness
yet too late to be helped and
very unhappy
to discover that our being
is stained by the
Fall of Man
now I see why this heart of mine
slowly dissociates
it is a time when there's much in the show window
and nothing in the stock room
and although
allowing ourselves to see the signs of hope
will break the spell
and fear the darkness for not
being alone
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Fall of Man - Part 3
living in denial robs us
of peace of mind
a vision of no return twinkles
deep inside me
as conscience sinks within
the nagging truth
reality seems like an uphill walk
not far away
tinted by haze and mist
unlikely praised to be a king
of all living
and so anger keeps leaking in
similar to a substance
of hopefulness and hopelesness
ugly and unprofitable
in a tool of truth
so powerful and forceful
that guides us down the deep paths
of cynicism and misanthropy
I cannot see
I know
punishment is remedy
to those who bear to cross the line
and I do
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Fall of Man - Part 2
at dawn I watch the clouds draw near
a bright shard of serenity
fractures deeply
as the aura of the must encumbers me
wandering on the fringe
in a world of magnets and apathy
reflections dim
as I walk towards this kid
a brisk look in his eyes
a wide smile
a promising feeling
penetrated and yet shocked I grow beyond
the path of pre-awareness
in a land
where denial
is a sanctuary from shock
I twist as contradictory feelings ignite
a phase of clarity
on the emotional and intellectual
sets me ready
to continue my journey
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Fall of Man: Prologue - Part 1
inhaling the scent of debt in the still air
so vague and sharp
on papers saying I should depart
I find beauty
at this disclosure moment
all I see
is all I've ever seen ;
tenderly surrendered in love
a wave drowns me
in diversity
so beautifully I bathe all hearts
in pure light and rawness
when birth takes place
a creature enters the path of pre-awareness
an offspring
naturally capable of living
outside the womb
has now ushered in the morbidity
of this fallen playground ;
an image marked as a promise
weighs on my shoulders
goodwill now binds me to life while
inner wills
confine in the back
of my awareness.
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A day in a Life
A day in a life
by Dimitris Papastamos
[REM sleep with rapid eye movements:]
still young, still naive
at dusk it comes out again to guard the scarlet lips of the ozone
it raises a glass of hope in the name of God
and breaks through clouds
one more beacon of comfort attaches upon a youngster's skin
so silk and smooth that
approaches the value of freedom
the sunbeams carry a taste of agony and empathy
a sincere trail of participation
to one's betrayed mind
feeling all light and loved craves for what is yet to come
a frail moment of certainty and hopefulness
to trace his path
land his love on a safe ground
[Stage 1 - Somnolence:]
still present, still gentle
an immense sunshine flings in his all glassy eyes
just like a transition
it makes dirt and dust turn away
the ashes wear out their presence slowly
as strength decomposes
into orders of despair
our breath poisons the air as we rest in a lay by
it makes our conscience wilt
eyes burst into tears of unknown origin
could be joy, could b
:iconneocon:neocon 1 11
Ivy in the Rain
Ivy in the Rain
I lie strewn across a bed of silence
a monent of peace where the still air slips from gravity
one and only
over stone, over stream
I watch the temple fall apart
through the coils of a single lightbulb
still faithful, still dreadful
I dream of mazes that fail to fit together
and before even realizing
a noise taps upon my windowpane
one tinkle of wonder ;
purchased, chased yet priceless
in silence the one and only disturbance
attracts the attention of the living life within
a chapter that makes you wince
I say silence cannot be tolerated
unless it is a playground where fire and hope rests
a mournful morning of childhood
that sums up
all the weary falls lands upon a thought
hearts shook and curled up like gentle wire
a man whose tank left desolated and empty
or just unable to be filled up
still underway, still lightfast
awaiting by the last glimpse of light to pray
the tribes of clarity rip the stitches of a man's prey
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Stimulated Shape
Stimulated Shape
At first I don't know whether I should starve and wait
while signs and hitchhikes will cross the brooks from within
or plainly stick up to the calling I might come up to
they say I should stride to the voices
but then again the echoes desert an empty room behind
a room where I tend to shed what's left inside me
so I find myself in search of a vent to glide through
a place where the air doesn't fit nor reach
nonetheless here I stand again to the cliff I once adored
writing, experimenting, digesting the still noise
diving into an unknown ocean where several
emotions appear in colourful forms and patterns
an ocean devoid of storms and howls
consisting of pure peace longing to be pieced and loved
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Nebula Show
Nebula Show
when time's passing by
a voice inside me screeches in the sand
iron hope sizzles within
as a glimpse shot of the outside
gyrates at me
a dryad coiled in spiral crystals
fails to watch over the rays
that flout at me
a hypnotic entrancing substance
leaks through my eyes
my wall shapes into a canvas of joy
a maiden heart
that's been tenderly kept
in translation
:iconneocon:neocon 0 6
Double Star
Double Star
sprouted up in the land of peace
I set myself free
while dozens of wonders
launch a blizzard to the universe
a body washed in faith
heaves to the glaucous sky
to be cleansed
within the sacred brooks
still underway
an event of frailty appears on display
as a smile bids farewell to the goings
I take no heed
the darkness cravenly
dips to the sink underneath
as a wink at the sun
entwines the rays of dawn
an alloy of bliss and absolution
glides a memory on top
a feeling lined with the vales of time
holds invincible once again
:iconneocon:neocon 1 7
Mind's Eye
Mind's Eye
the third eye turns into a sighted organ
a software of a brain made to seperate myself
unaware of the transition
it ties the mental and the physical together
a mysterious substance of unknown origin
enlightens the copper queue of life
the events might differ
If so consciousness will appear on display
ready to be transfigured into a bridge
and save my destined soul
when walking alone in this field
there's a stroke attached to my skin
a voice that calls
when both sides start reducing
to each other
being unable to bear the object
or the intention to induce harm to the object
implies an amount of drifting
and unites both sides
a memory erasure dips the unprotected eye
the light wears out its presence
and lands onto
the forgotten paths of freedom
now the bridge has unconsciously fallen asleep
such oblivion creates stacks of loss inside me
it evokes the realm to hunt
the wolves and ruins
nevertheless the impact of the storm
ushers the breath of the living away
I wish all the comin
:iconneocon:neocon 0 10
The One Sighted Man
The One Sighted Man
the sigh of yesteryear
rippled to me one cloudy morning
it set cold and rumble around
as the air cloaked me in its icy arms
a dream of the transition
appeared to be in the process of repair
it evokes the realm
to hunt the wolves and ruins
sly expression fills the stand ahead
it seemingly hallows the vibes
whilst ruling the sense out of me
wallow in dust
as tears slowly become mud
I let the fashion be fond of the wise
it yells towards the springs
but nevertheless
the impact of the storm
ushers the breath of the living away
a temporary place becomes space
like a transmission
it forms a bridge to the unknown
storm and rage rim in round
in the darkness
there's no reference point
there are two of a kind
I am the one sighted blind
:iconneocon:neocon 0 19
the wind breeds flakes
to guard the scarlet lips of the air con
a mirror to the sun
twists and gyrates
eligible moments brawl to get on top
discounting the loss of flair
to the rabble outside answers befall
and trail the signs off your sight
I let the passion hound its admirer
and doorkeep the spirits around me
a constellation of mine as it occurs to be
merges together wine and chill
sever all ties and hold the hush cravenly
another step to the stepping stone
dispatches frontiers and draws a ray
hitch all ties and slit a miracle
drops of heaven drill through flowers
as voices cease to be remarked
in the elation of the light
my still eyes justly reside
:iconneocon:neocon 1 3
Sylvan Spirits
Sylvan Spirits
in need of expressive images
charades long to be settled and stored
over stone, over stream
from springs of unknown origin
colours twist and ignite aloft
the wind lashes at each sullen spirit
as care transforms into smoldering rubble
tinkling vibes struggle forward
to reckon with ourselves
and the meaning of our lives
demented perception
tangled in ropes and nooses
stabs the capability to sight clearly
focused to the light surrounding me
I imbibe its ray of warmth
and inhale its heap of stale air
:iconneocon:neocon 0 4
Lightning Bug
Lightning Bug
The sun shakes and scrunches up like smooth heat
Severed spirit draws away its presence
and lands onto the forgotten paths of freedom
Writhing fireflies whizz by
as echoes clamp distance and preserve clarity
I loyally rest in the battlefield
Beneath a halo of conscience
a bridge of sighs tramples down to the ashes
Voices coiled in spiral eyes merge together
Idle state of mind
transfigures into an everlasting state of freedom
Traces of love are washed ashore
Intervals blast a way to the invisible realm
as we unite together as one
nightingales dilute away their existence
:iconneocon:neocon 0 1
Lift your head up off the ground
and gaze at the colours unfolding jovially.
A devilish glare, rises up and marks sullen expressions in agony.
Sharp vowels spit out dissonant means.
Time is trapped on the horizon
forbidding the flow of humanity.
Cry within the crowd and never be noticed.
Sweep away your fears, and live in fear of getting stabbed.
Without a single fear covering your shoulders
your heart remains unseen.
Your undies bleed isolation.
Spoil your life and never be claimed.
Through the shutter you visualize the sky.
It turns into thousands of different shades
but it only illumes through your soul
in rays of exhausted warmth.
Let art be as endure as the legacy
and drill your brain to achieve recognition.
Annihilate the demand for a second choice;
Dwell in doubt and cast your bones onto the walls.
Wounded confessions at a fairly competing volume
dip your swollen insight.
Bravely attract a tidy amount of controversy
and serve it a light effect.
Relapse clock's pointers, a
:iconneocon:neocon 2 4


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